Add Your Startup Drinks

Startup Drinks is an open event.  Anyone, anywhere in the world can host one (for various reasons).  It was created for startup enthusiasts to gather for a pint of their favorite beverage and chat.

Want to host your own in {insert your city} Here is how:

Step 1: Plan on it.

Figure out a bar or coffeehouse that will host your group.  Call them and see if you can bring in your group at a convenient time.

Step 2: Add it to Plancast

Add Your Startup Drinks to Plancast

Note: name your event “Startup Drinks CityName” please!  Description should read something like “a low key drinkup with other startup folks.”

Step 3: Category

In plancast you need to add the category ‘StartupDrinks’

Yes, exactly like that.  StartupDrinks.  Check here to see if you completed the task (and see how other cities have organized).  See your event there?  Great, it will show up here soon!

Step 4: Promote and Invite

Post the link to your usergroups, twitter and facebook.


Have fun with them!  Contact if you want to suggest / add to / improve Startup Drinks..